Our Ministries

Appalachian Trail Hiker Meals

Each year, an estimated 3 million people spend time on the 2,180 mile footpath that is the Appalachian Trail. Approximately 2,000 of those hikers attempt to thru-hike, hiking the entire trail in one season. June and July is when the number of hikers passing through Duncannon is the highest. Each Wednesday we provide a free meal to them.

Indian Mobile Mission

We have been sponsoring Navajo Indian children since the early 1990's. Currently, we sponsor two children who live on a reservation in Arizona. Through the work of the Indian Mobile Mission, food, water and other supplies are delivered to the remote areas of the reservation where living conditions rival third world countries.

St. Barnabas Center

Every summer CLC participates with the St. Barnabas Summer Camp Ministry, located in Harrisburg.  This ministry reaches children in the uptown section of the city and provides a safe place for them to learn and grow. They aim to build positive self-esteem and confidence, forge leadership skills building on the eight pillars of  character.

Local Outreach and Beyond

Living our faith through service to others - Christ Lutheran is involved in many local, national and global outreach programs, including: Loads of Love, Join Hands Ministry, Crop Walk, Neighbor Helping Neighbor Food Bank, homemade quilts for Lutheran World Relief, and many other initiatives that benefit the less fortunate in our communities.